Monday 14 March 2011

4 day St Patrick's Event & Charity pack updates

Charity Pack changes
People have requested that the charity packs to be purchasable with the pre-paid cards, because it's is not fully set in stone, they are not available. Although, If you want to buy any of the other charity packs through any of the pre-paid game cards, I can do so manually, please send me a blood letter. Thanks for all your support so far, I'm hoping we can raise much more!

St. Patrick's Day Event
Some peoples favourite time of the year, St. Patricks Day. I thought this year I'd have some fun with it. Here's what's going on...
The damn Leprechauns drank all the whisky at the green bar then ran over to greenwood. Hunt them down & steal their gold.

- Green Bar is open in DC for you to spend your looted gold coins on beer!
- Beer gives you a variety of awesome perks.
- Greenhouse is where some sneaky vampire is growing shamrocks, every hour you get 5 attempts to go steal them.
- With your stolen shamrocks, you can take them to the Shamrock Shack where you can trade them for gold coins.

There is a St. Patrick's day VIP and plasma special, what's even better about this, is that 5% of the revenue from the special packs is going into the ActionAID pot too. Hopefully this will raise even more cash for the charity.

Oh, and you all get a couple free drinks on me ;)

My thoughts are with any RoB players and everyone else in trouble with the recent events happening in Japan.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...


Veil Esmeralda said...

i was surely wondering what's going on with the leprechauns in the Greenwoods. :D I'll be enjoying this holiday faithfully.

DarthSpongebob said...

<3 YUS SAINT PATTYS DAY. lets get fucked up on guiness <3

Anonymous said...

"*You won't actually get drunk, so don't worry if you're underage." To bad =(

Anonymous said...

This is Awsome. Thanks Ash.

Gaebrien Alexander (376127) said...

Fawking A Ash! This is the best event yet.

Also, there was a bit of irony for me when just after you started the charity run all of this came about in Japan. It makes me a little sad that I have no money to donate right now.

Think you could do line or something on the landing page asking people to remember our members in Japan and Cali who were affected by this?

Legion White Tiger said...

My prayers for anyone in Japan. Bless you all.

Guildythewicked said...

I think I'm gonna love this :)Thanks Ash.

VLADINA said...

UNBELIEVEABLE ... you must have a staff of leprachans working 24/7 to dream up all this stuff ... just plain AWESOME

lucemoon13 said...

OMG this is so AWSOME. my thoughts with the disasastor in japan,hopefully they get this all worked out,they have my prayers. Thanks ash!

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