Tuesday 1 March 2011

Comments & BL layout updated & 5 new quests

Comments page
Your comments page layout has been updated. It now also includes the tick box delete option for you to be able to quickly sort through and delete any unwanted comments. The username and avatars of the players comment now shows their current information, instead of the information they had when they made the comment.

Blood letters
I have updated the blood letters page update a bit, got rid of all the old links and stuff from the top and gave it a new look. The sent & saved messages are now formatted so they're not just a huge clump of text.

New Quests
A few more quests for you all!

- Which Slot?
- Which Slot? II
- Which Slot? III
- Which Slot? IV
- Full House

There's going to be pretty cool stuff very soon. There will also be something coming up where we can all prove vampires can be nice!

More to come.


Dr. Richard Mandon said...

Awesome!! More quests... :P

Duke Danse Macambre said...

I better not have to pray to be good. *scowls*

Great work keeping the quests coming though.

Shardy said...

woooo,,,yes ,,,

Thank you ,,Thank you ,,

hehe,,me so love quests ,,~hugs~
BTW ,,
The comments an blood letters,,nice looks good ,,Ty,,Ash,, :)

Karina 'Bunny' Noa (82837) said...

Love the new quests and the updates to comments and BLs. Only thing I noticed is that some emotes that have been updated to work in BLs and such, now show the outlined box they're in due to the light gray background of comments/BLs.

for example, the qq emote.. You'll have the emote but around it you can see black corners/outline.

Anonymous said...

Easy quests, though I have to admit number 4 was a pain in the ass but I got it. (I think it was number 4) Anyway, nice job Ash.

Anonymous said...

It's about time we got some 'pretty cool stuff'.

Anonymous said...

NICE I Will love to see Vampire making peace with humans so that I won't hunt them down and kill them.

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