Wednesday 23 March 2011

48 hour potion notice & motivation update

Afternoon everyone,

Server bump
Some of you were kicked off this site this morning, i didn't get chance to send a warning, but we simply had to make some changes to the RAID array in one of the servers. It's all sorted now and back up and running :) We run several servers to keep RoB fast as possible, sometimes, if we need to do any work on the servers and you get "logged out", don't panic. I do my best to warn before we do work on it, but if that ever happens, don't worry about :) Just login again and you'll be placed on a server that is live.

Potion notice
I'm announcing this notice because of upcoming changes with the potions. The potions were brought to the game in the charity pack to help raise money for good causes. This potion pack is no longer available at the time. The potion system will be getting an update very soon, which would render the current potions out there, useless. So here is a 24 hour notice to use them because when the new update is put in place, you won't be able to use them. You will however, be eligible for a transfer to whatever is coming up, but won't be at the same rate for reasons you'll see when it's updated.

The potion pack is no longer available to buy until the new update comes into place. Don't worry though, we're still supporting charities.

Motivation Changes
Overall positive feedback with the motivation boost, however there was one concern, and that was not everybody likes to throw 50 turns away in one training session because it's too risky. I listened, and now I've acted. You can now enter how many turns you want to train with your motivation.

We love followers
That's right, we love followers so much, that if you follow us, you get exclusive news & the odd chance of a social-only promo code. I will be releasing a promo code soon over our social sites.


Please note: This notice has extended to 48 hours.



Anonymous said...


Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

As always Ash... thanks! Keep it coming! :D

~Most Unholy~ Alchemist said...

Ash.....I love you...

Anonymous said...

I won't use social sites.

Isabella Night (80510) said...

Thanks for the heads up. Good job as always. Keep it up :)

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