Friday 25 February 2011

Bloody Herald is now... Phantom Press!

 The Phantom Press
 The Bloody Herald is under new management! First off, congratulations to Lukas Cytes (189598) for winning the January competition. The new name for the R-Paper bot is now Tab Lloyd Swen (or T.L. Swen.) The writers came to me and asked seeing as the bot got the new name, if the whole paper could get a new name. After a few hours of discussion the decision was to re-name the Bloody Herald to "Phantom Press". Like it or not, it's here to stay! The Phantom Press page will only show the editions from now on, but you can still view the old issues by navigating to the archives link. Due to illness, net problems, the volume has been slow lately. But, hopefully we can get on track and keep producing a weekly issue!

Click here to read today's new edition

You may have noticed last week I made a new rank 15 quest section, all new quests will now require rank 15. When there's a whole bunch of these, the next lot will be rank 20 quests etc etc.

I have added 6 new quests this morning:
- The Reseller
- The Reseller II
- The Reseller III
- Train Your Rank
- Train Your Rank II
- Train Your Rank III

Have a good weekend!


Aidric said...

woot new quests!:p

Shardy said...

~smiles~ well Ty ,
I love the quest as you know,,
I like the new name for the paper,,
Nice ,,~she leaves hugs for all~

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

WooT!!! Love the new name for our newspaper Ash! And thanks for all the new quests as well... keep them coming! =) I love playing Hangman! *grins*

Anonymous said...

New Quests! Yaay!

I think the old name was better, i was confused when i saw a new paper! But change tends to work out for the better, so oh well :D

LordAsura said...

Thank you for the new quest,but the name Phantom Press..hmm..not sure if it suits with ROB theme.For me Bloody Herald sound more..well more..

Rez said...

I agree with LordAsura, phantom Press doesn't fit with the Vampire theme as well as Bloody Herald. It sounds more like a ghost hunters blog. But no matter, gratz to all concerned with that & thanks for the new quests.

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