Tuesday 15 February 2011

Coven Wars V2.1 & another "downtime" 16th Feb 9pm

Coven wars V2.1 is now open and live! V2.1 comes with these changes has indicated in the previous blog:

- Whoever wins the most rounds (out of 50) wins the war. But now if either coven gets to 26 wins, there is no way for the other coven to win. So If a coven gets to 26 wins in a round, they automatically win.

- Tiers were worked out on all members of a coven. But, because of under rank 5s and under 7 days old players not giving war exp, it's not balanced. So they are no longer included in the tier formula. If you go to the coven hall, click "see more info", it'll show the covens "war members", which show the amount of war exp yielding members in the coven, thats also the number of members used in the formula for the tiers as I've just explained.

- Whilst in a war, you shouldn't be able to kick people to drop your tier. Its an unfair loophole, so I'm afraid it has to be closed a little. If you're in a war, you get 3 kicks to use. If you REALLY need to kick someone, for whatever reason, you have 3 to use. It resets after each war. You're free to kick whoever you want whilst you're not in a war. People can still come and go as they please though.

- People have been asking an opt-out option for the wars. I've always been against this, and I still am. Although I'm going to make it less painful for you to be able to not worry about wars if you don't want to take part in them. If you DECLARE a war and LOSE, you still lose the 10% exp. If someone declares a war ON YOU, and you lose, you only lose 2% of your exp.

- White flags now have a 1% exp loss when used to surrender (2.5% before)

Any feedback, bugs etc to be posted on this thread.

The downtime this morning was successful, the server was down for around 40minutes, thank you all for your patience.   Unfortunately, tomorrow (Feb 16th) at around 9pm (server time) the server the avatar images are hosting on is getting a software update too. Although this will not effect the game-play, it will just make all forum avatars, profile pictures etc seem broken because the connection would be taken down. This should only last around 5-10 minutes but they're giving an hour just in-case something goes wrong.  Majority of people will not notice, but I thought I'd give you the heads up just in-case there's a panic because all the images will appear broken.

Thanks all!


Aidric said...

Cool stuff... looking forward to dabbling in some wars:p its been far too long:p

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

about time you loosen up on the opt-out

Westmoreland said...


Anonymous said...

Ok can do

Drakenette (288421) said...

I like the 2% loss of exp for CW's, those that mentioned in the forum thread thought they would like to see a lesser exp drop and it is nice to see it be implemented. I Still have yet to try out the new tweaks but hellz ya! 'bout time Ash! xD

Anonymous said...

Thank you for listening to everyone who took time to post on the suggested overhaul. It's nice to know our opinions count. :) You're awesome!

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