Thursday 3 February 2011

New profiles, new battle reports, new game families, new friends system & loads more!

A lot of new stuff is about to hit you... comfy? Some updates for the social lovers today, as well as a couple game updates.

New news page layout
The news page has had a little bit of a face-lift. You'll also a new option at the top called "Invites/Requests". More on that in a bit. News is now set to delete after 14 days of being received. There are over 10million news items in the database, and they've all been cleared :)

Battle Reports
A long requested feature has now been put in place, battle reports. Ever been attacked but wanted to know how that battle went? Now you can! You can quickly view your last battles on the home tab by looking under the "battle stats" section. Or, you there is a [ View Report ] link on battle news items now, if you click that, it'll show the last battle reports from that vampire. All battle reports are deleted after 14 days, so if you want to save them, make sure you put copy/paste or screen-shot them before they get deleted.

New Profiles V2
The profiles need a new layout, they've been that way for so long and it's about time they've had a face-lift. And there's a couple pretty cool features to go with it. First off, you click here to see my profile in the new layout. As you can see, it looks a lot better and is much more orgasnised. The game stats section at the top shows a couple extra new variables. New friends & family features (more info below), quick comment box & by default, hidden comments.

Let me say this first to all you profile layout fanatics, this is an optional upgrade. You all have the option to keep the old profile layout, you will not be forced to switch. Head over to the account options if you want to switch to the new layout with the new features. *Most* fancy profiles you guys have will not fully work with the new layout, so some of you may decide to stay until people start coding to get the same job done in the new format. Keep in mind, you won't get some of the features of the new profiles by not switching. It's completely up to you. You can switch back and forth as many times you want.

The public profiles will not be changed quite yet.

Every week I get a random blood letter, "Hey Ash, I want to have 5 wives, why can't I?". I've always said no no no. My answer is still no! Although I have created a work around... families. On your profile & homepage there is a link to show how many family members you have. (Non-VIPs can have up to 5, VIPs can have up to 25). To add someone to your family, simple go to their profile and click "Add to family", decide what you want them to be labeled as & click invite. If they accept, they'll be added to your family tree.

I've created a whole new friends system. The downside to this is that all your current added friends has to be wiped, but panic not! For a limited time you can see a list of your added friends on the old system and add them again. When they accept, they'll be added to your friends list. On your profiles you can choose to list your top 5 favourite friends. You can do this from the "Social" panel on your home tab. (Listed friends only appear on profile v2). I'm going to follow in the footsteps of Mr.Tom from MySpace and have you all on my friends list to start with. Feel free to remove me if you want ;)

(P.S I added some random people whilst testing this, and i forgot to turn off the news notification of me testing removals, so those select few who were shocked to see I removed you from my friends list, don't be offended! Lol)

PLEASE NOTE: People who sent friend requests between 10:55am and 11:03am will have to either re-add them, or get them to add you.

Uploading avatar & VIP custom pic
For a long time it bugs me when people link huge files as their avatars and/or broken images.  I noticed one avatar in the forum that was nearly 10mb in size! That's crazy and just slows down pages for everyone. So to keep things as smooth as possible, I've invested in another external server just for people to upload avatar images on. It's a very cool and simple process, just head over to the account page and update your avatar. This does mean all avatars are reset, but for a limited time on the avatar page you can see your old avatar so you can re-save it if you need too. There is a file size limit of 100kb. The same goes for VIP profile custom pics, you have to upload an image to RoB for that too. Up to 250kb, go to the account page to update your picture.

Invite/Requests Link In News
The invite/Requests section of the news is where notifications for marriage proposals, family, friends & coven invites. These will delete after 14 days too.

Coven invite changes
Coven invites now store in the above section of the news, they will be deleted after 14 days, not right away as it is now.

Social Panel
On your "home" tab page, you'll see two links at the top, game panel & social panel. This is to try and separate the game stuff with the social stuff so you just get the content you want.

Hope you enjoy the updates, give me feedback & report bugs as always



Kira Belial said...

BOOM!! I'm first!! I love the new layout for the profiles! Just gotta get the hang of it .. and add all my friends again!! But I love it! :D

Anonymous said...


Drakenette (288421) said...

Finally I can see my battle's with people! Whoo! The new profile layout looks interesting thanks for adding a family tree! I do not however like that people can see my friends list, that will just antagonize my enemies but if I do not want to switch the profile layout, I do not have to go with the new one, so thank you for keeping that option of going back and forth open. :) Everything else seems pretty cool and heck about time for these changes! ;)

Anonymous said...

New profiles look great Ash.. now to re-add my friends. :D

Genesis said...

New profile look is confusing! O.o And having to piss around getting pictures from photobucket onto my computer AND THEN onto RoB is freaking annoying, Ash! Otherwise everything is good.

Kitkara said...

I love it. Thank you, Ash. Way to step things up!

Legion White Tiger said...

Loving the battle reports. Rock On! :)

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Wow!!! Ash this is totally awesome! I love that we can separate social/game activity, the family list and well, just all of it! Makes everything smoother and looks totally awesome! Thanks again for all your hard work ... RoB just keeps getting better and better! XD You still ROCK!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I think I need to spend some time with the new changes before I can weigh in on them properly. That's quite a lot to look at, but I think I like most of it, though with the people being able to see battles that they didn't initiate will take away from the anonymity of those who need to use MP... Otherwise, the rest of it looks pretty cool. I'm really glad the battle notifications get deleted after 14 days now.

Anonymous said...

Can't seem to find a way to actually view my own profile page anymore. I don't know if this is a glitch, or if I'm just missing something very obvious, but could there maybe be some sort of quick link to be able to view our own profile pages so we can actually see what ours look like?

Lukas Cytes said...

Interesting updates. One thing I found interesting.... When added to a family by someone, you have to send the same request to them to join your family? Ingesting all the changes and things look rather good!

Isobel Lynn Bellator said...

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new Updates!!! <3 Your the best, Ash!

Shardy said...

Not Bad at all,, ~smiles~

Very good ,,
I am loving the new layouts an all,,,
So far ,,still checking things out,,
I would like the black boxes on my profile see threw ,,an those dang mettle's off there as well,,:(
But all in all very nice work,,,


Anonymous said...

Um...any way to cancel a sent friend request?

Blood Shard said...

Hello there ,,
Call me Shardy,,

Very good ,,
I am loving the new layouts an all,,,
So far ,,still checking things out,,
I would like the black boxes on my profile see threw ,,an those dang mettle's off there as well,,:(
But all in all very nice work,,,


Blackwidow Tsu Dragonesti said...

Hey Anonymous, to view your own profile just click on your name at the top left on your home page, under the quick links.

Anonymous said...

Love the battle reports,family and friends thing. Hate the new profiles though

Pyrotic said...

You can either click your name in the "Your Statistics" section on any page or go to the "Social Panel" on your stats page.

Rapture said...

Battle reports=awesome! And I'm loving the new friends and family sections, but can't you add an indicator that shows when your friends are online?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aww come on

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