Saturday 5 February 2011

Friends & Family updates & Valentines 2011 special!

Did you miss Thursdays blog about battle reports, new profiles and new friends & family feature? Click here to get read that blog.

This weeks new features
Thanks for the great feedback so far with the new features released Thursday. So glad some of you are really liking the new profiles and they're starting to look really good with your creativity added into them.

Here are few tweaks I've made today:
- Family privacy option added - Hide your in-game family from the world.
- Option on the account page to hide the friends box from your profiles as some people have no interest in this feature, which is fine.
- Increased the family cap to 10 for non-VIPs, and 50 for VIPs.
- Added a drop down menu on the friends list for easy contacting.

There are still more updates to come to these new features, including pending requests, they'll all come next week. You can keep up to date with all the updates by keeping an eye on the updates page.

Valentines special
It's that loving time of year again! The love heart candies are out and just wanting you to consume them. Sugar as also been brought back and the love heart candy maker is just waiting to make you some love heart goodies. You can get sugar from doing the daily quests, battling and searching in Greenwood. (QOTD daily not included). There is a Valentines Love Heart quest added too. And of course, a VIP/Plasma special as always for all those who need their fix.

The VIP/Plasma gifting system is again open for business. Where you can buy other people VIP/Plasma and send a loving message along with it! Click here to find out more. Check the VIP page too for the special couples pack :D

More to come next week :) Including some updates to a touchy subject of late.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
Much LOVE <3


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!Thank you Ash!! <3

Dr. Richard said...

love it all. :q

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash... Check for the VIP typo

Genesis said...

Cool! Well not the valentines day bit, but I hate that day. :D
Oh and I see a small typing mistake. ^^; non-VIPs get two caps? :o

Sierra Rojo NoRtHmAn said...

I love the candies and, of course, there is nothing like a good plasma deal.

Anonymous said...

what, no training sugar? :P

Shardy said...

WoW ,,an Thank you ,,

You on the ball,,

Will check things out,,


Anonymous said...

Thanks now I can celebrate proberly with my huby!

Drakenette (288421) said...

*More to come next week :) Including some updates to a touchy subject of late.* I am assuming this is about the CW's oh great leader of ours? hahaha I really do hope so! Been itching to try it out! :P Poo on the hater's! All the other updates are pretty sweet and I have noticed some that wanted these changes! This place keeps getting more and more interesting by the week! Keep 'em coming Ash!

Anonymous said...

I love the family option! I think it's great, especially with the new updates ^_^

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