Wednesday 7 April 2010

Easter event is over!

I hope you enjoyed the eggs, some certainly did taste good. Shame I got a shed load of paperwork to get sorted now, what a waste.

Hope you all had a good Easter holiday and stuffed your face with chocolate.

Some updates to come this week, stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Easter was good, thanks ash.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, Ash, it was a good thing.
The eggs were great.

Burning Eyes said...

Its nice to have u ppl keeping us customers satified.

Leighia said...

I don't even celebrate Easter but I still got stuff so I'm happy. No choco for me :( But I got... CAKE!

Anonymous said...

how many eggs were there?

Anonymous said...

i didn't eat any chocolate :( i ate cheesecake instead!!!! xD <3333333333333333

SlayerXIII_Boudiccas_Line said...

Thanks Ash ... for all the goodies in the eggs, and making yet another holiday more enjoyable! :)

Anonymous said...

Never found one egg, but thanks anyway.

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