Saturday 6 February 2010

Weapon name rewards and economy info.

All is going well in regards to the weapon system. Nearly $1.5billion has been taken out the game already, the bar price is dropping and the market prices are dropping too. Exactly what we wanted! And I also see a lot of you are very much enjoying the Critical and blocks!

A while ago when I first was talking about the new weapons I asked you guys to come up with names for them all. And you all did, the ones I've chosen are obviously used on the equipment page. I also remember saying I'd give out a small prize to each one I chose? So congrats to all these players who won an AP:

Darcy Maiko (187992)
Goggy  (48702)
Trent D`Oreb (73679)
Dark Vermilion (85300)
Arhat 146154)
Bella Darkstar Arcana (76517)
Fallen (136635)
BK-201 (71664)
Blood Rayne  (92121)
Sekem (193152)
renagade  (97385)
ArcAngel  (149363)
Reagan Feenux (136111)
Dementia (141416)
Arkhon (100520)
Lady Dawn(Dria) Meurtrier (82469)
Lady Aestolia Silverfalls (172014)

As for the Janauary competition it will last until the new forums are done, because of illness etc i'm a bit behind as well as upcoming events this month, so if you still want to submit and win some plasma, go to dead city >> Janaury 2010 competition. February will not have its own competition and the next one will start in March.



Shadow Stalker said...

Love the fact that so much of the new stuff revolves around Shadow this and that :d

Blood Shard said...

Every thing is Very wonderful,,
Great Job,Ash,,,*wink*
Sorry you are still Ill,,,
Hope you are well soon,,*sad*

Duke Danse Macambre said...

Nice to see people getting a bit out of it. :)

Bella Darkstar said...

thank you ash! Loving the new setup and weapon/armour choices ;)

Queen Of Passion said...

Do we get told who came up with what?
I want to know who came up with the names of the new 310's and the Blood Rubies.

They both have awesome names.

Way to go guys! :D

Anonymous said...

U also said we'd all get something if ROB made RPG of the year.

Anonymous said...

We did get something... go search through the blog posts...

~clayton the satan~ [205915]

Anonymous said...

Found it. Thanx 4 the heads up.

DarkAsh said...

I thought up the new VIP equipment names and yes everyone got the promo code for the RPG of the year contest.

Anonymous said...

Hey shouldn't Duke get something for coming up with blood rubies?

read through the thread that was floated, he came up with the name :P

~*Ithilwen*~ (89492) said...

Thanks again Ash for all the hard work and congrats to those who won.

Anonymous said...

*its nice to have a Weapon named after our coven *SMILES

Deathwish said...

Yes indeed the Fallen Angels do appreciate the head nod Ash thank you it has certainly helped our recruiters out lol

Anonymous said...

thanks it could help alot of people

renagade said...

hell yeah i won myself an AP :D

Anonymous said...

thanks for the new weapons

Reagan said...

Have the APs already been sent out? :( I don't remember getting one, unless I'm mistaken..

Goggy said...

havent dont think so, i havent gotten any yet either

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