Saturday 13 February 2010

Valentines Day 2010 celebration. *updated*

 Hello again,

Everyone gets 3 gifts to give to someone (except yourself) every day until the special runs out next Friday. The person who has the most gifts given to them will get 5 plasma (the person with the most premium gifts will get 10 plasma). So make sure you get on each day and give your gifts away! Sorry new players, but you have to be at least 7 days old to send the regular gifts, but you do get 3 to send right now. (Stop people making multis to get more gifts, don't wanna give the ACT unnecessary work).

You can go to the Dead City under Valentines 2010 heading for a quick link to the gift shop and leadeboards.

I've been asked a lot about trading to family members. This still is NOT allowed. If you trade plasma/money/equipment to people on your home network your account will still be liable for jailing.

Your account is completely safe to send gifts via the gift shop. Those gifts can be sent to anyone, even family members.

The reason for the couples pack is to give plasma both to you and your in game partner as you cannot trade across your same network, please be clear on this else you'll have Aftershock on your ass. Hope that makes sense :)

I have added a special pack for the WALLIE CARD. Head over the to the Wallie VIP page to see the offer. Again this offer lasts until next friday.

Thanks & have a good day tomorrow!



Miss Alice said...

1st FTW

b said...

Always thinking of us,,
Thank you,,Ash,,

Anonymous said...

thanks for the 911 ash... a day late!
spot is an ass!

Anonymous said...

what is Premium gift and gift shop? i bought the couples pack to find out but i only saw that the 12 plsma was added. Really confused about what the Premium gift and gift shop is.

Anonymous said...

A if you purchased the Couples Pack you will see the 12 Plasma added and the option to send one Premium IN the gift shop. This is the only place (I know of) that the Premium gift is viewable. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash! xD

Anonymous said...

Hello like this idea.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I don't have any1 I want to send gifts to...I'll just send them all to Ash :P

Anonymous said...

cwl already started

Anonymous said...

this is sweet!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank u ha

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