Saturday 27 February 2010

New forum and new Roleplaying forum!

The brand new forum (beta) is now in full motion, you can head over to the forum page to see it. It's had a face-lift and a couple new features added too.  Which include:
 - Karma - You get 3 karma a day to give (+1 or =1) VIPs get 5.
 - Pages - Forum threads are grouped into pages so they're not all listed on one page.
- Drop down - Player options on each thread are now located in a drop down menu to save space.
- Search - You can now search forum thread titles.
- Floated topics - Staff floated threads now actually stick at the top!

The old forums will still be accessible for at least another week.

For all you RP fans I have created (based on the new system) a completely seperate forum for you guys to RP.  Valterra Dominor is currently in charge of the RP forums, she has set up the boards and the rules, she has also given a basic RP guide.

There are two different types of RP boards.
- No character setup board (free role-playing board) where you can create threads and RP in the new environment just as before.
- Character setup threads where to enter each thread  you must create a character to RP with. Categories include, character name, age, species and a bio.

Head over to have a play and see how the new system works. The character system was highly requested and I'm sure it'll be a hit.

If all goes well with the new forum system then in a couple weeks time the coven forums will be upgraded too. There will be snag with this because the old forum posts wont be transferable, more on this later.

Please give feedback on the right forum, and report any bugs whilst we test this out!

Current Jackpot: $32,368,500 << Who's gonna win that in a few hours?

Thank you & enjoy



Anonymous said...

Wow, well done Ash!

Might have to drop in =)

Mesayah (227156)

Anonymous said...

I prefer the old version, easier to deal with

Lady Isobel Gray said...

I absolutely love the new Forums...Though it is a -tad- confusing. Oh well, I'll get used to it in time.

Thanks, Ash! :D

DarkAsh said...

I had to take some new features OUT because it would all be too confusing... this is its simplest form :P

Lady Isobel Gray said...

Well, it's very well done, Ash. Thanks once again! ;D

~^Starry C. Fallon^~ said...

Ooh just went to check it out it's awesome Thanks Ash!!

Blood Shard said...

Hummm,,,WOW,,Thank you Ash,,

Anonymous said...

im not to fond of the rp update.A lot of us have ben playing a while on forums and there long.If you changing this you should at least make it so we can easily convert our old rp forums to the beta.

Anonymous said...

Still no post on the Jan/Feb contest 2nd and 3rd place winners. I know your busy ASH but.....

Vanessa Lock said...

I may have to check this out, though my coven (Tremere Domus) has an RP thread of its own currently, based more on Vt:M structure. If you're close to that, I just might join in the fun.

Regardless, it's nice to see this come to fruition - nice work! :)

Riz said...

This is better than I imagined!

Legion White Tiger said...

Loving the new forums Ash... It takes the effort out of re-editing. Nice one. :)

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