Saturday 20 February 2010

Valentines Day gift winners & lotto jackpot going uuuuuuup!

Congratulations to:

 Rue Lancaster-Dont Forget (204834)
 Inara Sin ~Tasty Raven~ (160572)

 for receiving the most gifts. Your plasma will be sent to you right away.

Oh, you guys checked out the lottery yet?

Current Jackpot: $19,395,000

Still 2 days left until the draw...  someone is going to make a tasty profit.



Anonymous said...

Hoping we dont rollover first week :P


Grats inara BTW

DarkAsh said...

I'm hoping we do, would be funny to see and the buzz increased next week.

Anonymous said...

I noly have 167 tickets.

Blood Shard said...

Congrats to the winners,,
I hope it rolls over ,,,
some one will be very happy,,,

Anonymous said...

Lotto Tickets: 48 [Buy] Still buying!!!! :@ Gotta make 13 million!!! =D I'm feel so poor without my bank being at least ten million.

Carlisle [Toxic Blood] 197633 said...

What about Promotional Codes?

Anonymous said...

I rather like how, in mirroring the lottery system of reality, you have created a microcosym of its true purpose: a tax on the foolish and hopeful. Now all you need is official RoB pornography and we can start re-writing 1984.

Cheers for taking the economic reigns mate.

DarkAsh said...

Current Jackpot: $19,395,000 now!

Theo DeathSpirit said...

I freaking Rule

Anonymous said...

Theo is freaking douchey.

Anonymous said...

No Theo is retarded..

Spicy Song Cytes said...

Rather we agree, like, disagree, or dislike another poster, I think making such barbed comments is not the purpose of this blog. You have a Forum board for Rant or Accusation to do that on. This is not the place for such garbage comments. Also to cowardly post as anonymous was evidence of your own character calibre.

Promotional codes is the 2nd post I have seen on 2 different blogs. My thought? Ash gives them out of generosity. They are not a requirement. The more you request for such things as an expectation, then more than likely they will not be offered. Begging and demanding will not change the fact that promotional codes happen at the desire of the person who is offering them.

Anonymous said...

And what you think, Miss Prim and Proper, doesn't matter. Run along now.

Anonymous said...

i think telling people they suck is always acceptable anywhere, all the time. anonymity is cozy for that reason.

lotto vindertal said...

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