Monday 29 September 2008

MP gone =[

There, it's finally gone. It's over. Bye bye. I have had a few questions, so i'll answer them publicly.

"Do you still gotta zap people for the achievement?"
Yes, MP being removed from the game will not effect the achievement, nor will the achievement change.

What do you get for zapping people now?
... killing them?

Will MP be replaced?
In the sense of a reward for magic? No. But for a new future feature? Yes.

Also, for those who have not noticed, i have added 2 more chat rooms, a help chat and a roleplaying chat. Chat rules apply to all of course :) As well as the general chat there aswell.


Anonymous said...

LoL not getting ANYTHING for zapping anymore...that's lame LoL. I feel cheated.

DarkAsh said...

MP was only ever a simple reward... not a reason to use magic.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, one more day and i'll be back.

Anonymous said...

yea x.X 3 turns? pshhhh.

Anonymous said...

just wondering with new chat rooms does more or new chat mods come as well?

Guildythewicked said...

Speaking of new chat rooms. How about new/ more coven chat rooms. :)

Anonymous said...

would be nice if youd fix the stupid gravemarket sometime soon too.

Anonymous said...

y did u take it off?

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