Thursday 11 September 2008


So this is ReignOfBlood's blog. I will post random stuff, ideas etc here. A way to keep my personal views off site but for anyone to view and comment :)


karlso666uk said...

how about side game of triple triads against other players(pass the time until refresh) make cards out of famous vampires
you could collect the cards out of the under ground that would make ppl go there and do the 2000 achievement

also any chance of like an auto mated turn system to use your turns for you for 2 days you could sacrifice half your turns and voting turns so the game can use the remainder for you (going in to hospital in a mouth for 2 days)

Unknown said...

I like the automatic turn user thing from karlos. Perhaps it could be set up for a week being the most time. You can set it up to train in gym one of the three stats. And that is the only thing it will do on the players downtime. 50 turns per day could be the fine/fee. When the max amount of turns has been reached the turns are used.

Guildythewicked said...

How about adding a multi player poker game to the casino? Sound silly but: it could get people of other covens, who have no interest in "chat" communicating.We have a huge community, and i only see the same "few" people in main chat. My coven is rather large and only a few dozen can be found in coven chat. I feel if we have a way to get more people active in community, the game can only get bigger and better/

Anonymous said...

how about opening a pets shop (i know u all may found thid boring or silly) but a shop where you can by animals such like as cerberus or giant bats you know... i`ll explain better... there is the Vampire´s arena battle... how about Pet´s arena battle you know...if you die in a battle (or not) you can fight with your pet against the other pet... hou and by the may my dufis cousin told me to write the next message here: Darkash, can you open the NPC Arena again?

Anonymous said...

lm, n

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