Wednesday 24 September 2008

New Underground complete!

The new underground is now launched, check it out, and click the "give feedback" link when you're down there to give your thoughts and/or suggestions. Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea you might take into consideration after you're done with the New weapon system and such.

Since we all truly feel buying the blue potion is a ripoff, since it is $500 for a potion that can kill you, do nothing, or possibly fully heal you. Here's a possibility instead:

Being able to get herbs and such from the Underground, Take them to the Potion lady, and make various potions, that have potentials like these, like instantly kill you as an always bad option, remove the "nothing" effect, and add others that have higher gold requirements, mixed with more various kinds of herbs required,

Like an AP potion, cost 5 of say 7 kinds of herbs in the underground, and 10,000 to make... Give you 1 AP on use. (10,000 cost as there would be a 75% or so rate of success... It wouldnt be a ripoff.... And it`d promote use of Underground)...

A Super Blood Potion, cost 3 of 5 kinds of herbs, and 3,000 to make.... Give an instant 500 Blood...

A Double Blood Porion... cost 2 of 4 kinds of herbs, and costs 5,000 to make... Doubles Blood gained until next to reset.... (To promote a use closer to the previous reset....) It would increase hourly activity for that specific time.

A Greed Potion... cost 3 of 3 kinds of herbs, and 2,500 to make... Gives a random amount of cash between 1,000 and 10,000 money.

A Super Greed Potion... Costs 7 of 7 kinds of herbs, and 25,000 to make. Gives a random amount of cash between 10,000 and 100,000 money.

And SO on........

And of course, there could be specific areas of the Underground that could lead to new levels of undergrounds.... (Say the deeper you go, you get closer to Hell or something...) This could give new quests, boss monsters, stronger monsters, and potentially stronger herbs. Who knows... Just random ideas.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was some good ideas. I would love those in the game.

Anonymous said...

That sounds sweet. I'd love to see that on RoB

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