Thursday 9 May 2013

New Power Potions (Updated)

Thanks to everyone who donated during the birthday event, and I hope you enjoyed the event and the 'Free Plasma Day'. Lets move on, shall we!

Power Potions

I first announced vampire powers back in 2008, which was very well received as a good free way to temporarily increase your stats. Even more so was version 2 when I introduced the percentage increases, which made people want to continue working on their stats for even further temporary boosts for the same price. I would now like to introduce version 3, and a re-brand.

Vampire Powers have been re-branded as power potions. Following in the footsteps of Trik's potions, a whole new set of potions specific for temporarily increasing your stats is now at your disposal. It works almost the same as the previous vampire power system, with a few extra little perks, and simplified.

- Due to a recent poll I took, the high majority of you only used the "All" powers. So I've decided to scrap the individual stats, and just have an "all" stats upgrade.

- In order to help free up the hourly resets a bit more, MP must be claimed manually. Once every 24 hours you can claim 200 MP (300 for VIP, 400 for VIP+). These cannot be stacked. So you must use your all MP in order to claim more the next day, or lose what you have. If you miss a day, you are unable to re-claim the lost MP. An extra little thing to reward activity.

- You use can the Potion Credits you buy over at Trik's to "double up" on powers. For example, a 2% power has a 1 Potion Credit fee to double it to 4%. Each power has different credit costs in order to use this double up feature. This should increase the value of credits and get people trading them even more.

- Power potions now last for one hour instead of ten minutes!

- Battle boosts (home page) tab now show active Trik's and power potions.

Keep in mind - If you have MP stored, do not redeem anymore MP. As it will update your MP to your daily limit, not add it on top. Use any MP you have before redeeming.

Head over to the new Power Potions Store at the Dead City for more info. You can claim today's MP right away. There is a FAQ page you should read on the power potions page before using.

Enjoy the weekend,


Unknown said...

Well this will certainly shake things up. Great update ash.

Anonymous said...

Awe, and i had been using MP potions, so every few days i could use my best two spells, giving me way more...and cutting me down to 200 MP i lost all i had built up...and now only a ten percent boost..hardly seems worth it..there was only a few things potion credits were worth using for..and twenty percent doesn't seem worth it..i'll have to do the math, and try it out...but i think i preferred the way it was...

Demetreus D`Spartan (612013)

Boudica Night Tigress said...

Awesome Ash! Thanks once again for taking all our suggestions and giving us even more!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww i had lot of MP stacked :(

Yukiri Ecje Agavacea said...

I appreciate your efforts in continuing to make innovations to the game, but this one is not an improvement. You have taken away our choices. we can no longer increase just the stat we need - this new approach is terrible. It costs so much more, to get so much less. The ten minute time period was fine - it covered ToH, when we needed it. Having less for longer is a poor substitute. A major disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I liked individual buffs, so i'm with the others that don't like this change :(

Anonymous said...

Ditto Yuki ... I have spent potion credits over time to build up to about 18,000 MP ... this unannounced change is not a pleasant surprise [grr]

Anonymous said...

this is way better then saving mp

Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying but this is not an improvement.

Rizzy said...

Disappointing updates. This one does not help and it takes away choices. I don't like the change in the MP. I use one power every toh, never all. This does not help me and others who use MP every toh at all. Claiming is annoying. Players have fewer options. Plus so expensive. :( Thumbs down.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes but it would be much better if we could add extra statistics when we use potions.It will boost our stat permanently.

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