Tuesday 14 May 2013

New Achievements Lists & Blood Hour

Achievements List 6 & 7

For all those that have been hacking away at achievements list 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, you now have list 6 & 7 to complete. Another 15 set achievements in each list for the higher ranked, high powered players to complete. Each gives a QP as well as handsome prizes for completion. List 6 is a little late this year, so to make it up to you, list 7 is early. Click here to view the list of list 6.

I have made one small change with list 6 & 7 over the previous lists. There is now a link to click to check if you've reached any of the milestones set in the achievements list. This will 1) Stop you from missing the fact you got an achievement if you click onto the next page too fast. 2) Gives you the opportunity to see what achievements you've unlocked 3). avoids adding extra load on certain pages to automatically see if targets are met. I hope you prefer it this way too.

Blood Hour

As suggested in the forums (and very much liked by other posters) I have decided to implement the 'power hour' idea. Although it will be named 'Blood Hour'. How it works is pretty simple. On the main midnight reset  the system will choose a random hour for when Blood Hour will be active that next day. It will never be a set hour (due to lack of excitement and time zone differences), it will change every single day. One day it could be 2am, the next could be 4pm. Even I won't know when it will be, as it'll be completely randomly chosen.

When that hour comes to pass, there will be the Blood Hour logo sat on top of the battle and arena pages. 5 minutes before Blood Hour is due to go active, a pending message will appear on the top of the arena pages so you have a few minutes before top of hour to know if it will be Blood Hour or not.

What happens when it is Blood Hour? Simple. x2 blood on all PvP battles.

There are plenty of places we can take this idea to help give even more excitement at random times throughout the day, I'll see what the feedback is for this first.

Daily Reminder Page

Even though my efforts of reducing lag (its an ongoing process) has met some resistance, especially in regards to claiming things manually. I have setup a section of your daily to-do list page to show all the things that are claimable, and how long you left until you can claim them. I have added your daily to-do list to the top of everyone's drop down menu. For those that don't like the claiming, I hope this is a good step in the right direction help stop you forgetting to claim things.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the poll the other day, I sat down this morning and read through every one of them and added lots of things to my list :)

Enjoy the rest of the week,


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Lydea Mey said...

I like this new blog of changes and additions than that last one, Ash. Much bettah. ;) Thanks!!

lastshadow said...

OMG, yes yes.oh yes.
Sorry,about how that sounds.
Yes , i think i was that happy.,blushing,

Anonymous said...

MUCH BETTER, Ash. Good job.

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