Monday 20 May 2013

Lots Of Little Updates

From time to time it's good to just sit back from big new features and upgrades, and concentrate on the little things that make certain tasks much more fluid. Today's post is filled with just that, little updates and a couple new small features.

New Coven Panel

A coven panel was suggested a while ago, and today you're going to see it happen. If you navigate to your "home" page, you'll see your 3 panels. Game, social & RP. Now, next to game, you have a coven panel where you can quickly view your coven and your activity in regards to your coven.

  • View all your coven stats, from money/exp donated to forum posts
  • View all coven news related to your own activity
  • View all lent equipment and money you currently owe to the coven
  • View online coven vampires
  • Coven announcements section embeded on the page

The coven stats section on the game panel will stay for quick reference, no need to remove it as people check that out regularly.

Achievement List Edits

As discussed in the forums, the $X money in bank achievements are counter-productive when it comes to maintaining the flow of the economy. It somehow completely crossed my mind that this would halt spending of IG cash, so I have decided to remove these achievements from list 6 and 7 and replaced them with something else. If you've already unlocked them, consider that a free QP. (The new tasks will be automatically ticked off when completed.)

New Quests

A few new quests for you to sink your teeth into this week.

  • Demon Slayer (duration quest)
  • Demon Slayer II (duration quest)
  • Demon Slayer III (duration quest)
  • Credit Hoarder (rank 75 quest)
  • Credit Hoarder II (rank 75 quest)
  • Credit Hoarder III (rank 75 quest)
  • Credit Hoarder IV (rank 75 quest)
  • Credit Hoarder V (rank 75 quest)
  • Ticket Addict (rank 75 quest)
  • Power Craze (rank 75 quest)
  • Power Craze II (rank 75 quest)
  • Power Craze III (rank 75 quest)     
  • Random Potion (rank 75 quest)
  • Random Potion II (rank 75 quest)
  • Random Potion III (rank 75 quest)
  • Killtacular VI (rank 75 quest)
  • Killtacular V (rank 75 quest)
  • Killtacular VI (rank 75 quest)

And The Rest...

Below are a list of small updates/changes/fixes I've made. I hope you appreciate them.

  • When replying to a comment, you can see the comment you're replying to
  • ALL House owners/mods can now delete individual forum posts
  • Fixed a bug in regards to the battle news VIP icon
  • You can now list blood letters that have been flagged
  • Coven confirm kick option added
  • You can now search by ID in coven news activity
  • Updated all the home [panel] pages so the top content is the same
  • Added deletion checkbox to the search blood letters page

On a side note, the lottery jackpot has rolled over twice. This week's 3 winners are going to get a very tidy sum of cash. Make sure you've got a few tickets for a chance to win. It won't rollover 3 times in a row!

Enjoy the week,


Anonymous said...

Great updates, Ash :)

Karina Nex said...

Omg, you're really doing my coven panel idea?? AWESOME!! ^_^ This has been sorely needed, so glad it's finally up!!

Anonymous said...

Details really do make a difference, these are wonderful choices from all the forum thread discussions.... AND more quests ... TYVM

Mizz Rozzie said...

Thank you very much Ash...

Mortiana SaDiablo said...

These updates look great! Thanks for all the hard work. <3

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