Tuesday 28 May 2013

Midweek Madness

Hello there fellow Dead City vampires!

I have a few updates ready for you, but I have to wait until the 1st June to release them. So until then, we're going to have a little mid-week fun (which doesn't happen often.)

- Double Blood for EVERYONE
- Double MP for EVERYONE
- Double Minion Exp for VIP
- Double Coven Exp for VIP+

Sounds delicious, right? Enjoy this until Friday the 31st May.

Enjoy the week,


Audrey said...

Midweek double minion exp!! Thanks!! :D

Anonymous said...


†Izabetta Nightvoid† (200221) said...

Thanks a lot Ash!

Anonymous said...

This should keep me busy. Thanks, Ash.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic !!! :-)

Mortiana SaDiablo said...

Mmm...I love double coven exp. <3

BabyG said...

hate i missed that. LOL

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