Tuesday 30 April 2013

Free Plasma Day

Free Plasma Day
I'm declaring May 4th this year as 'Free Plasma Day'. If you want to get yourself a free plasma, then simply login on the 4th and keep an eye on the Dead City.

Birthday Blood Rage Event
The awesomely popular blood rage event to celebrate Reign Of Blood's 7th birthday will end on the May 2nd. So make sure you get everything  you need out of it in the next couple days.

April Competition
The April competition is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered. I have posted some of the best ones here, plasma is on the way to everyone!

Enjoy the rest of the week, some cool stuff coming up.


Buds Shadow Rider said...

awesome, wow
I will be attending.

Thank you .

Mathias Cronqvist said...

Whispers is still a punk bitch.

shardy said...

I will be here as well....
Buds Shadow Rider ,My friend How you?

Thanks Ash....

Anonymous said...

Awesome winning entries and Blood Rage Week is a total blast !!!

Anonymous said...

My prayers have been answered..plasma shall come falling from the sky!!

BabyG said...

Count me in , woooo
DC , is look good these days.
Great work on graphics.
Ty Ash .

Anonymous said...

HAHA looks like some one is Jealous and a bit envious of Whispers. Mathias Cronqvist poor bastard is so angry at life and his failing business he takes it out on a blog you fail

Deamon Whispers said...

Congratulations every one.Thanks you Ash for the Plasma and extra free plasma today May 4th

OH and Mathias you do Suck lol still unoriginal in Game and out. keyboard warriors at there best gotta love them.

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