Thursday 25 April 2013

Reign Of Blood is 7 Today

Reign Of Blood Birthday Event
Today, Reign Of Blood has turned 7 years old today. That's amazing.

Blood will be spilled...everywhere.

Birthday AP Rage
It's time for another massive blood bath on Reign Of Blood. I last ran this event a couple years ago, and it was really liked and things were crazyyyyy. So I've decided to run it again for RoB's birthday (and even lowered some of the prices.) I hope you've got some spare AP, because things are about to get violent.

+10% PvP blood for everybody during this birthday celebration period
+10 turns an hour for everybody during this birthday celebration period 

On top of that, simply using AP gives you even more boosts. I won't post the table here, but you can head over to the AP shack at the Dead City to check it out.  Your potion boosts still add ON TOP of these AP boosts. AP and Plasma are selling like hotcakes at the moment on the market, it's the best time to buy and to sell.

The way to look at this, is free boosts for using your AP as you normally would. And not just mild boosts, it's possible to earn to 3x blood and coven exp during this event.

The event will last from today until Thursday 2nd May. Head over to the Dead City for more information on the event. (I'm not ruling out a possibility of an extension.)

You can't have a birthday celebration with presents. There are 5 hidden presents around RoB which contain an AP prize. More might be added later.

VIP/Plasma Special
Nothing goes well with an event like the ability to pick up some cheaper VIP and plasma. For the duration of this week long event a birthday special will be active. (Perfect for getting some extra boosts.) There will be another rare pack (part 2) which will be available later today for those who missed (and those who want another) the pre-birthday pack.

Thank you to everyone who's played Reign Of Blood over the last 7 years. I will continue to devote my efforts into keeping it one of the best vampire games on the internet.

Enjoy the event,


Morrighan said...

Sweet! Thank You Ash! Happy Birthday RoB!

Mortiana SaDiablo said...

Happy birthday, Reign of Blood! *huggles* It's been over 3 years here for me and I have enjoyed almost every moment of it. <3

Lydea Mey said...

"I will continue to devote my efforts into keeping it one of the best vampire games on the internet." .... I sure hope so because if not, I'm going to move in. I'll have NOTHING better to do with my life. At least until you decide that I'm the house guest from hell and relaunch RoB once again. ^^ Who knows.. maybe I'll finally learn how to play Poker. -smug- Thanks for the goodies Ash!

Anonymous said...

omgomgomgomg :))!!!

Galahad said...

Happy Birthday RoB! Woot!

Boudica Night Tigress said...

Happy Birthday RoB!!! I can hardly believe it's been this long already. :o Nonetheless, thanks for all you do Ash, to make the game more exciting! Well done you relative to your success! *Dances about DC gaining more blood!* :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to RoB .... YAY another Blood Rage Week !!! My all time fave <333

Tartarus said...

I can't believe it... It's my bithday today also.

Anonymous said...

Not one of the best, THE best. This weekend is gonna be awesome.

Audrey said...

Minion exp! Give the greedy vampires what they want!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day RoB!!! <3
--E. Istrati

Teada Moon said...

Happy 7th birthday RoB. Congrats Ash. The game has always been great :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday RoB, great game all round.

Galahad said...

Happy 7th! Though wasn't here in the beginning but the last few years were fun!

Aiden Reeves Fidela said...

Happy B Day RoB!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bithday RoB!!

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