Saturday 20 April 2013

The Dark Tower Demon

Dark Tower Fire Demon

There is now a new mysterious fire demon to breathe a bit of life into the Dark Tower. His origins are currently not known, but he doesn't take to kindly to guests. The Dark Tower updates include:

+ New layout
+ Fixed a  couple bugs and exploits
+ Demon pops up at a specific location, after a battle, he moves location. You can only attack him once every 3 hours. The probability of you succeeding, is based on your power. The rest I'll leave you to work out.

I have also made a new Dead City section specific for potions (you'll see why over the coming weeks) and moved training to the top of its section.

It seems people are still struggling with a couple of the Strange Request quests, here is a hint for number 3: Bank & Plasma.

As I said in the last blog, I'm very looking forward to the event I'm going to code up this weekend. It's going to be a blast. Hope you're not too busy towards the end of next week.

Enjoy the weekend,


Audrey said...

Sounds spooky and good! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazingness! Thank you, Ash!

Anonymous said...

Clearing calendar for next weekend ... thanks for all the tweaks here and there too ... they matter !!! :-)

shardy said...

Love the Demon thing, in the dark tower,,gives me something to do.. Ty Ash..
Strange Request quests,>3: Bank & Plasma.
Ash what am i missing???

Turns: 450 [?] << turns maybe..
Money: 0
Bank 159
Plasma: 4
AP: 0
MP: 0
QP: 0
Tickets: 1

Anonymous said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one confused on #3. Hmmm I wonder what the demon blood points are for?

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for a contest!! We should have a contest for the most colorful profiles!

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