Sunday 7 April 2013

Few Small Changes

A Few Little Changes
I hope you enjoyed the Easter event and pounding those NPC's. I've been working on some small changes today, most are which is to help improve the speed of the site as stated here. Some might be a little inconvenient, but the speed of the site and resets are priority.

- You can no longer send IG funds to people who has blocked you
- Motivation is no longer given to you at midnight. You can claim your motivation once every 24 hours just like the Wheel Of Death (This will solve the problem of it not adding some days!)
- Added a warning to the WP shop to spin the Wheel Of Death before unlocking the ability to spin it again
- Removed the 4 flags achievement

New News Page
The news page has been updated a little today. I've added a new "read" system. When you load your news page, the news items you've not yet seen have been highlighted. The includes the battle log and other news tabs.

More on the way.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,


Prince Charming said...

Why did you get rid of the 4 flags achievement?

Karina Nex (82837) said...

I'm rather curious of the removal of the 4 flags achievement, myself. It seems to be an odd thing to remove in light of the other changes to have been made.

Anonymous said...

i was so close..i was on the last flag, and just needed a few more was so much work, but still fun though...just wish there was a little warning, i would have finished instead of doing the NPC daily quest.

i hope there will be more fun achievements, and quests.

Demetreus D`Spartan
ID: 612013

Anonymous said...

I don't see why you've removed the flag achievement. It is quite accomplish-able and is easy. Nice small updates though. Wonder when List 6 will come? xD

frenzy said...

dude I never even knew 4 flags...where do you find this stuff n how do I get to the wheel

Anonymous said...

The 24 hours thing, as with the wheel, is stupid. It's not going to 'make it work' any more than having it at half past reset (which is the sensible solution). The wheel fails to work just as often as other aspects, this just seems a bit like leaving the BNP in charge of immigration.

DarkAsh said...

I need to get things OFF the resets, not move them to a different time. The wheel works flawlessly every single day.

Anonymous said...

Good job Ash ... as a player who did the flags I can vouch for the fact that no new players will ever miss NOT having to look for them LOL

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