Friday 15 March 2013

RP Update Part 1 & St Patrick's Day

I've been working hard recently getting some RP updates (some of which are not finished yet). I was hoping to get this rolled out last week, but had to abruptly go visit family as my brother's girlfriend was giving birth to my first nephew. (Go little brother, go!)

RP Updates

Character Lists
  • You can now edit any character image
  • You can now put ? in the age box
  • Free text area added in characters to put anything else about your character you'd like to be displayed that isnt covered in our template
  • You can now use font colours, bold and italics in text boxes
  • You can now order your characters with the new "push to top" system
  • House staff can now moderate the forum and clear chat
  • Oh, and you can now clear house chats
  • House forums now show new uploaded sigs
RP Forum
  •  New forum layout applied to the RP forum
  • Fixed the bug that made characters appear deleted
  • Character information displayed on top with new tidy layout and link to full character profile
  • RP school board added 
  • RP subscriptions now added to the RP panel for quick reference

  • You can now edit your family names
  • Coven forums now show the new uploaded sigs
  • Top of the homepage will have new panel links, to give room for more panels added in the future. 

Focus Shift
I am going to be spending time in between my usual daily routine dedicated to optimizing and thinning out the database. This is just part of my ongoing effort to make the game run as fast as possible. I can only thank you for your patience. Promocode: 16thmarch

March Competition
In order to make sure you get your wristbands in time, please make sure you've ordered by March 20th. As that gives just enough time to get to people overseas before the end of the month. Click here for more information.

St Patrick's Day Event

It's time for that awesome green day of the year again, St. Patrick's day. If you head over to the Dead City, you'll see the green bar is back in action! There is of course a juicy VIP and plasma special to go with this event.

St Patrick's Day
Login to Reign Of Blood on Sunday for more ways to get shamrocks and other freeeeee goodies! Keep an eye on the St. Patrick's section of the Dead City on Sunday for information.

Enjoy the weekend!


Paschen said...

Grats to your family Ash!

thanks for the update!

ID: 179980 said...

HURRY UP, people are soon RIOTING here! :D

Teada Moon said...

Happy St Patrick's day Ash! I'll stand you a pint of the black stuff one of these days :p

Lydea Mey said...

Just for the Edit Family title function, I give you kudos, Ash! Grats on the new lil nephew. Remember to spoil him as he grows! ^^

Anonymous said...

Love the changes Ash! :D

Boudica Night Tigress said...

Congratulations on the new addition to the family Ash! Thanks always for making things more fun, more green ... and well, more fun! lol Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Uncle Ash!

Anonymous said...

Gratz on the nephew !!! TYVM for all your work and always thinking of us :-)

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