Friday 8 March 2013

Double weekend & New Quests

I have to go away this weekend, for reasons I'll explain when I get back (Good news). So I thought I'd leave you with a few new quests and double blood for the weekend.

I know the other night one of the servers had a little fit and made the game unplayable for a few hours. We know what the problem is, I touched on it a little here why it wasn't fixed sooner (other than the fact it was going on from 2am my time). We are constantly working on making it better, even though sometimes things go haywire. Things are smoother now, and the server guys will be watching very closely this weekend.

I think they've found a happy medium on the server config to make it run smoothly now. Will continue to tweak and optimise as always!

So, enjoy double blood, and screw it, double minion exp too.

The quests that have been added since the last blog are:

- Strange Request VI
- Strange Request VII
- Strange Request VIII
- Strange Request IX
- Strange Request X
- Ana Wizard
- Ana Wizard II
- Ana Wizard III
- Ana Wizard IV
- Ana Wizard V

I've noticed nobody has yet to complete the 'Strange Request II' quest. As vague as I like to be, I will give you a little clue. And that clue is a poker phrase. I'm sure this will help many figure it out. I like to make things difficult sometimes, but I also don't want to make it impossible!

Enjoy the weekend!


Lydea Mey- Poker Trainee said...

When I learn how to play poker, I'm so gonna beat you with a royal flush. (Or royal mail, one of the two) It's on, Ash! Oh... and thanks for the new goodies.

Vincent Valentine said...

Also, Double Turns, Double Points, and Double Money. I think that about covers our weekend.

Anonymous said...

You are so good to us Ash ... fantastic I love double stuff !!! Have a great trip *hugs*

norazina, the metal girl said...

Loved the anagrams quests!

Miss RoZzie said...

Ash have an awesome successful weekend and thank you for thinking about us in advance. Everything has bumps along the way. You are doing a super job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash! We appreciate all you do for the game :) Why do I always have to work when awesome events like these come up? lol. I'm gonna miss 8 hours. Hehe.

Bex said...

Such a flirt Lyds. ;)
Thanks Ashy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ash, xoxo have a good safe weekend.

Boudica Night Tigress said...

Thanks so much Ash!!! You always make holidays special. :)

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