Thursday 21 March 2013

Final shout & downtime

This post if just a last shout for a couple things. First off:

St Patrick's day Event
The event and special ends tomorrow evening! Make sure you've got all your shamrocks used.

Wristband Bard Orders
Tomorrow will be the last day you can order a wristband to receive on time to enter the March competition. (Unless you're in the UK).

Server Changes & Downtime
The server guys took the game down for about 5 minutes yesterday to install some different balancing software, which thankfully has made overall page loads a little faster, and TOH and little faster too. Baby steps! We'll continue to optimise.

For about an hour tonight, the server that runs our images (Profile pics, avatars etc) is getting moved to a new faster server. This will happen tonight (Thursday 21st) at around 6pm  10pm game time. The game will still be up and running, but people's uploaded images will appear broken until the migration is complete.

Enjoy the weekend.

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NemesisAlien said...

Eww server migration, i hate that part, one of the cons of IT line...

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