Monday 4 March 2013

Recent Errors & March Competition

Recent Errors
I am well aware of the current errors that are going on around RoB, and I'm not just sitting and watching. The server guys are actively checking the logs and see what's causing the 502s, and are zapping them as they come in.

As for the top of hour wait time is increasing and hovering over the 1 minute mark, that is unacceptable. With more and more in-game competition and more and more people fighting over blood at the top of hour, things are starting to heat up! Over the last week I've been looking at hardware solutions to help overcome this. I won't go over the nitty gritty of the tests we've had carried out, but I hope to have something done soon.

For now though, I'm going to spend the day optimising the database until my fingers bleed. There are some room for improvement there as we're hitting limits, and I do have a couple ideas how to speed things up a little until we come to a permanent solution.

I think a bit of compensation is required as we carry out this work.  For 2 days (until wednesday evening) enjoy:

- Double Turns
- Promocode: marcherrors (includes the turns for the missed toh)

Things should start to look a bit better towards the end of the day.

New Quests
New rank 50 quests have headed your way over the last week, they are:

- Strange Request
- Strange Request II
- Strange Request III
- Strange Request IV
- Strange Request V

March Competition
Some of you may have heard I've started selling Reign Of Blood wristbands. This months competition will pay out plasma for the top people who buy a wristband, and take a picture of it in an original way. Click here for more info.

Thanks, and I apologise for the inconvenience.


Lydea Mey said...

I really -hate- these Strange Requests. *grumbles* Thanks for keeping us chasing our tails! Brat. Oh and for all the hard work... yeah, that too.

Anonymous said...

I think the March contest is completely unfair. Some of us don't have the funds to buy a wristband and so theres no way we can participate. The monthly contests are suppose to be for everyone but now you're just limiting it to those who are paying.

DarkAsh said...

The monthly contests are for everyone. I've run buying sticker competitions before. Each competition is never for everyone. If I run a story competition, people who don't write can easily complain that the competition isn't for them because they don't write. The competition (like most things) won't be for everyone every single time. I really enjoyed getting these wristbands set up and put up for sale, plenty have bought them, and be good for people to share pictures of them. It's no harm doing this for one month.

Lydea, you love them really ;)

Anonymous said...

I never complained about Profile Competitions because I don't have graphic art talent!!! The way monthly competitions are for everyone is that you can participate if you are able, if not you may enjoy looking at the results of the ones who did. This is a community and there's variety so that everyone gets a chance at something eventually, much like the large variety of new quest in the past couple of months *wink*

Darla said...

Thank you, Ash !

Darla said...

Thank you, Ash !

Anonymous said...

Wow... 20 seconds off the hourly reset wait?

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