Thursday 29 May 2014

Double Daily Weekend

Double Daily Weekend (30th May- June 2nd)

This weekend, enjoy some different free boosts each day.

Friday - Double Blood
Saturday  - Double Coven Exp
Sunday - Double Turns
Monday - Double Minion Exp

Game Updates

I have updated the game updates page with a nice new look. I've also created a new notification which pings when I post a new game update. This means that you'll know updates as soon as they happen.


Because of the Facebook nerf, my primary social media outlet will now be Twitter. Don't worry though, everything that gets posted on Twitter will be posted on our Reign Of Blood Facebook page too, so you don't need to do anything,  Click here to follow us on Twitter, if you've not already. If you use Facebook only, then follow these steps to make sure you get our updates.

Enjoy the weekend,

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