Sunday 11 May 2014

Coven Conflict Changes

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Sunday Event

I hope you are enjoying today's 24 hour event. Double blood and extra QP when you rank up for free! You can continue to gain this benefit until midnight tonight.

Coven Conflict Changes

The coven conflict system, 1v1 battles in this case, is an ongoing project. I'll continue to tweak until we have majority satisfaction. The changes I've made today bring back some of the things that people liked in the old system, mixed with the awesome features and boosts from this system.

Round Scoring Bonus
Some people enjoyed the hourly rounds of previous system. In a way to bring back some of that magic, you can earn boosts for beating the opposing coven's score that hour.

Each hour (at half past) if you scored more attacking coven battle exp than your opponent, your total score calculated at the end of the battle is increased by 2% (this could change later on). Meaning, there is a total of 48% boost up for grabs during the duration of the battle.

For example:
Coven1 attacks Coven2. Coven1 scores 1000, Coven2 scores 800.
Coven2 earned more attacking battle exp than their attacker, Coven1, winning 19 out of the 24 rounds. Giving Coven1 a total boost of 10%, and Coven2 a total boost of 38%
Final score is: Coven1=1100 and Coven2=1104

Coven Exp
The coven exp you get for a win is now based on the opposing coven's level. This is how it should have been to start with, but I tried to be too nice. Now the exp you get is based off the target coven, it'll help stop any abuse of the system.

On the top of the coven page in the battle box, I've added these new rounds score into them. You can see who won the previous round for the bonus %. VIP covens can see a total of tally to date. I've not included the total score of the whole battle at the moment, not sure how I want to implement that yet.

You can continue your feedback and ideas from this post on the Coven Conflict thread.


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