Thursday 8 May 2014

New Quests & Event!

New Quests

Thanks to our new Quest Stormer Dark *}{STORM}{* we have some new quests.

  • Spring Valley Mayor
  • Spring Valley Mayor II
  • Hidden Gem II
  • Hidden Gem III
  • Fan Quest

These will be the last batch of rank 100 quests, the next lot will be higher!

Enemy List Updates

I've made a few updates to your enemy lists today, they are:
  • General interface layout improvements
  • Coven & gender icons added 
  • Checkbox delete system
  • Attack link made bigger and bolder
  • Attack link grayed out if target not attackable
  • New "PRO" label for targets alive but still in 15 min protection
  • New coven category list

Writer Updates

Thank you to everyone who applied for a writing position (there were a LOT), unfortunately, as much as I'd love to, I can't hire everyone. I will be going over the applications (again) and finalising potential candidates and reaching out.

For the people who won't make it, there will be opportunities for you to submit and write content for RoB, more on this in the near future.

Little Things

  • Increased Spring Valley Serum success chance by 25%
  • Achievement 8 #5 label incorrect (4k, but should be 2.5k)
  • Fixed a whole load of reported typos

Sunday Event

On Sunday, the 1v1 coven battles will be updated again with some of the ideas discussed on the thread for next weeks battles. So also on Sunday, we're going to have a little double blood event with a twist. Tune in Sunday for details.

Enjoy the weekend!

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