Friday 23 May 2014

Daily Quest Overhaul

Quest Page Update

I've done some work on the quest page layout today. There are a lot quests, as you know, and creating a way for them to be displayed in the neatest way possible sure is a challenge. When you next visit the Quest Hall, you'll be able to enjoy the new look.  I have also replaced the "Show All Quests" link with a button, which opens them all up on the page, no longer requiring opening a new page.

Daily Quest Overhaul

A lot of people enjoy getting the benefits of the daily quests each day, but one of the main complaints about the daily quests is the reward not being what they want. Well, I'm happy to announce from today, that changes. Introducing Quest Tokens. You earn quest tokens from completing the daily quests. You then take them to the Quest Token Collector and trade them for things of your choice. You must spend any earned quest tokens by midnight (just like you needed to claim before then) because they cannot be stacked as they reset each night.

Some more new quests to come...

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Unknown said...

Nice change though I think they should be able to stack as I've already forgotten to spend my points before reset 3 days now lol. It's easy to get side tracked working on the other dailies and quests since we are so used to automatically getting some sort of reward right away it is going to take a lot of getting used to spending these points before reset. I do love this new change though.

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