Thursday 1 May 2014

Few Random Updates

As we head into our 9th year (how scary) lets get the party started...

To-Do List

I have updated the to-do list, and added a permanent link on the top bar (newest layout only). I have given it an all new look, with emphases on your daily redeemables. (Added more.)

Little Things

  • Fixed a small link problem that could get you stuck in Vadenhill
  • Recent blog posts added to Social Panel
  • VIP+ cap updated to show current 1200 on VIP page
  • Fixed a couple Vadenhill typos
  • Changed Vadenhill 4 digit redeem code to 3 digits
  • Fixed a glitch that made some chat commands show up in BL's
  • Greenwood daily quest reduced to $1500 from $2000
  • Fixed a couple small pet hitlist glitches
  • Slightly increased the height of the Greenwood frame
  • Game panel, social panel etc no longer links on the page you're on
  • Oldest & Latest page links added to blood letters

May Day Potion Credits Offer

Until 4th May, you can enjoy 20% off the top Potion Credits pack. Need some credits? Now would be a good time to top up! Click here to see the offer now.

Enjoy the weekend,

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