Thursday 24 July 2014

New Coven Quests


I'm glad many of you are enjoying the new missions, and the idea behind the mini-achievements feature. I said in the previous blog, if you missed it, I will be adding more over time. So there's plenty of potential future QP up for grabs. The feature will also be expanded in the future, and like a good amount of Reign Of Blood features, it's future-proof. Some of them may not be reachable right now. But, remember, if use the boosts effectively, you can do quite well and hit those marks, if you want the QP, that is.

Coven Owner Quests Changes

Today I've changed the structure of the coven owner set quests.  Hopefully you'll agree, for the better. All coven quests are empty, so to all the coven owners and co-owners out there, as soon as possible, go enter in your new quests.

What's changed? For starters, I've increased the coven exp amount to 250,000 (up from 50,000). But most importantly, you can now have different quest tiers.

Each coven can add up to five different quests. I know some covens have had issues not knowing what to set their quests at because there is obviously a big gap between what a rank 10 can earn, compared to a rank 1000. So you can have five different tiers that should cater for the majority of covens.

What else? You can add plasma as a reward as well as money. Also, there's no need to "accept" the quest. It'll count all exp until a player wants to claim, and when they do, it then resets, so the player can start all over again.

So for example, this could be your covens quest layout:

$5,000 for 1k coven exp
$10,000 for 2k coven exp
$50,000 for 10k coven exp
$100,000 for 20k coven exp
1 Plasma for 100k coven exp

You can mix and match and have things however you want, you're in total control.

Other Things

There's also little fixes & updates, tweaks going on. For example, your stats now showing on the gym page, increasing potion caps for NPC credits, new coven rankings page & more. Keep an eye on the game updates page.


coven rankings page updatd with new layout, and coven exp today added

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