Wednesday 6 August 2014

Free Double Weekend

I can't believe we're in August of 2014 already. Because I am kind, I've decided to run a free double weekend this week for everyone who wants to take part.

There will be 3 full days of double goodness, starting Friday 8th Augustand ending Sunday.

Everybody gets double turns. But to get more, you need to hit milestones each day you want them. When you hit those milestones, that perk will activate for the rest of the day.

Double blood - When you reach 100 PvP wins in the day
Double coven exp - When you reach 200 PvP wins in the day
Double minion exp - When you reach 300 PvP wins in the day

You've got a couple days to prepare, I hope you enjoy it.


EDIT: The event is now over.

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