Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Plasmalympic Games

I hope you all enjoyed our second Plasmalympic games! I see a whole load of you rushed in there to get the benefits. If you took part in the fencing, which you should have, you can click here to spend your gold. The gold prizes have been given out, and also more gold for the top players. You've only got a few days to do so, so use 'em quick!


Everyone loves quests and achievements. The only issue with achievements is they're BIG tasks that can take a while to complete. So, to go alongside achievements, I have created a Missions system.

Missions are essentially mini-achievements. They're tasks that be completed to earn QP. They are split up into different categories, and you can complete one from each category every day. (You'll see why that is when you check them out.)

You'll find the missions page on the "Game Quests, Achievements & More" of your home page.

And yes, more will be added over time.


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Unknown said...

Not that I don't like free QP, but this seems unnecessary to me. This is what the daily quests are for. We already get free QP from pets and Greenwood. This is giving it away too easily IMO. I guess I could understand replacing the daily quests with this, but having both... eh.

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