Tuesday 8 July 2014

Double War Exp Rescheduled

Double Exp Rescheduled

Due to the mass confusion over the wars this week, the wars will not be double exp. If you would like to do a standard war this week, coven owners, please go to the War Of Covens page and choose tomorrow (any day this week) to war as normal (regardless if you've already chosen a date this week) using the big bold link at the top of the page.

Double Exp Next Week

NEXT WEEK's wars will be double exp. From Monday 14th July to Sunday the 20th July. If you've already picked your war for next week, that's when it'll be. If you'd like to change your day, please blood letter me. But you won't get the chance to join (as you did this week) if you don't choose a day by Sunday to war next week. Any questions? Just blood letter me.

Enjoy the week,

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