Wednesday 5 February 2014

Valentines 2014 Event

It's that time of year again where love is in the air. I hope you enjoy this years events. They will continue until 16th Feb. Enjoy!

11 Days Of Quests

Every day you can visit the Dead City and complete a little quest in return for a little love. Would could possibly give you more of a warm fuzzy feeling?

Giving Love

Just like last year, and seeing as people like it so much. You can once again give love to people's profiles. I wonder who will get the most this year?

Heart Counting

Let's collect some hearts this event, shall we? Each time you battle and  see the text you tore out someone's heart, that will add a heart to your collection. The top 10 players who collects the most hearts, will win a little something at the end of the event.

Couples Heart Counting

So we're counting all the hearts you're ripping from other vampires. But how well are you doing with your in game spouse? There is also a couples leaderboard that will be displayed at the end of the event, which shows which couple combined rips the most hearts! They all get prizes too.

New Special Packs

I've completely re-done all the special packs for this Valentines Event. All packs include even more great value items at great prices over this event period.

Click here to check them out >>>

Blog Trolling

Because I do get some trolling comments on this blog, you now must be signed up to comment. If you're going to troll, at least tell us who you are!

Enjoy the event,


Unknown said...

Let the heart ripping commence! Nice new event packs too, might have to get one. Damn it, how did you know I'm getting my tax refund soon?

Black Fox said...

They see me trolling, they banning, gonna try and catch me typin dirty!

Lady Luna D'Spartan said...

I'd love to see the lists of Most Hearts and Most Couple Hearts posted for a while after the event ends. Too often these events pass so quickly that we never get to see who did well since the lists are removed as soon as the event is over. This goes for the other events throughout the year as well.

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