Monday 10 February 2014

Coven Battles

With the War Of Covens now a week old, it's time to introduce the second part of the Coven Conflict System. I've been working on the Coven Battles since the release of the War Of Covens, and I'm happy to launch it today.

Coven Conflict System (beta)

What is the Coven Conflict System? It's all the coven activities where covens work together to earn coven exp for their coven. The Coven Conflict System is made up of 2 parts.

- The War Of Covens (All out war)
- Coven Battles (1v1 battles)

The War Of Covens you already know about. Is an all out war against all other covens. It's a week old, but I am constantly tweaking with feedback, and will continue to do so. The War Of Covens represents your coven fighting all other covens in order to fight for more coven experience.

Coven Battles, launching today, are sort of an old feature but for this new age. Covens, once per week, can initiate a 24 hour battle against another single coven. For every target kill in the enemy coven gives +1 Coven Battle Exp. At the end of the 24 hour period, all top players battle exp is tallied up, and whoever got the most, wins.

What else is great? You can go start Coven Battles right now.

Valentines Event

There is 6 days left of the Valentines Event this year. Don't forget to login each day and do the special quests. And thanks to all who has bought a special plasma pack so far.



Unknown said...

SWEET!!!!! Coven vs Coven is back :-)

Unknown said...

That Is Freaking Awesome!!!!

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