Monday 17 February 2014


Even though the time around Valentines is about love and happiness (or being depressed depending on which side of the fence you are). Here at Reign Of Blood, it's also a sad time.

2 years ago we lost Guildy, one of our most loved forum moderator and community members, to cancer. I can't believe it's been 2 years already. I've setup a dedicated thread in the forums for players to be able to post any messages they want in one place.

I've also setup a dedicated remembrance variety pack you should now see on the top of your pages. A portion of the money from these packs will be donated to WWF, adopting a Snow Leopard in Guildy's honour.

We've lost several other players too, including most recently Starrynight. The forum thread, and the pack, are both in honour of Guildy, and everybody else we have lost. May them all continue to rest in peace.

There have been a couple changes to Coven Battles, and War Of Covens this week. Head to their guides for full updates on the changes for this week. There will be some community based updates coming this week, as well as the Valentines event summary and prizes.

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