Friday 28 February 2014

Double Weekend

Double Weekend

During this weekend, everybody can enjoy some double goodies! Here they are:

- Double PvP Blood
- Double Turns
- Double Coven Exp

Little Things

Lots of little changes have been done this week incase you missed them:

- Forum edit bug fixed
- Emote glitches fixed and adult chat ones added to BL's
- Forever Alive potion made more clear
- New game time ticking clock script
- Game time added to the top of the new chats
- You can set the old chats as your default
- Fixed a strange NPC bug

And a final thanks to everyone who bought a remembrance pack. Also, it's also good to see (the majority) of players positively coming together to share their feelings on those we've lost in the forum thread I setup. This little snow leopard is a reminder of who we've lost...

Enjoy the weekend,

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