Wednesday 26 June 2013

RP, Market Updates & More

Time for more auction updates!

Coven And House Roleplaying

As much as I love the people who roleplay on our dedicated roleplaying forums, I know a lot of people rather roleplay in their covens and houses with their friends. So I have decided to add all the features of the roleplaying forum into your covens and houses!

Just go to your coven forum as before, at the top you'll see the regular coven forum boards, and below will be the new list of RP boards where you can add any of your created RP characters and use them within your coven or house.

Coven forum mods, the co-owner and owner have the power to add different themed boards.

I have also updated the house and covens forums to the new layout versions that are found on the regular forums.

Any issues, please feel free to post on this bug thread.

Market & Auction Updates

I have made a few changes to the market and the auction house today. (All of which is subject to change.)

  • [market] Up to a 2% fee for AP and Plasma listings. The rest stay at 1%
  • [market] Updated the layout to make it more constant with other pages
  • [wants market] Layout updated (fees stay as they are)
  • [auction] Now choose 1 day, 3 day or 7 day auction times
  • [auction] Made a few layout changes
  • [auction] Fee is now fixed and not % of starting bid on AP and Plasma
  • [auction] Reduced the minimum bid increment from 5% down to 2%


Union Church 

The Priest who works at the union church is getting pretty sick of the Dead City's divorce rate. A union between two vampires should not be taken lightly. Because of the amount of divorces and re-marrying, he wants to make a bit of money for all this work he has to do. There is now a fee for divorcing. (Don't worry, we're not ever going to indulge in property splitting or alimony payments.)

The Bar

The Dead City bar has had a facelift and a new bartender employed, Jasper. It has been given a new look, and the same 4 drinks are still available.

I have also changed the bar formula which has brought the prices down a bit, and the daily cap is 10 drinks. Happy days! Head over to the bar for more information on what secrets it holds.

Little Things

- Portal link added to Spring Valley when in the game is in cooldown
- Added more information on the VIP/Plasma basket page on what payment methods add packs automatically and which ones do not
- Added common problems if a payment is declined on the declined payment page
- Trik's potion [back] link now takes you to Trik's homepage
- QP achievement text updated on list 7
- When your VIP/VIP+ runs out, you now get a blood letter notification

June Competition

Just under a week left of June's competition. Click here for more information.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Bex said...


Ice™ said...

Can we get roleplay chats for covens too? Or is that a rediculous request?

DarkAsh said...

RP chats don't work any different than regular chats. The forums of course work differently because they include the use of characters...

Silence said...

Awesome work, Ash.

River said...

I agree with Ice.

Anonymous said...

Why would we need to be notified by blood letter when vip/vip+ is out when it takes one second to find out anyway?

Anonymous said...

While the chats are the same, it would allow a chat for roleplay to be desperate from the non roleplay. Same idea as the main chats, just for covens.

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