Monday 1 July 2013

July 4th Event


July 4th is here again! And as the majority of the Reign Of Blood vampires are American, it's well worth celebrating. Everybody gets to benefit after all!

Head to the Dead City to check out the July 4th celebration features.

And of course with every special occasion comes a beautiful VIP & Plasma special. Click here (opens in a new window) to indulge in some fun.

This event will be active until Monday 8th July.

New Lottery Updates


Winner winner chicken dinner!

The lottery is one of those features you'll never really like until you win. There is a winner most weeks, and has made quite a few rich vampires around the game (and helped the economy a lot.)  Having just 3 winners is a little limited. So I have decided to spread the jackpot over 10 vampires.

So now every week (if there is no rollover) 10 vampires will have a chunk of the jackpot. The prizes are spread out below:

1st place: 50% of jackpot (~$15,000,000 win)
2nd place: 20% of jackpot (~$6,000,000 win)
3rd place: 10% of jackpot (~$3,000,000 win)
4th place: 5% of jackpot (~$1,500,000 win)
5th place: 5% of jackpot (~$1,500,000 win)
6th place: 3% of jackpot (~$900,000 win)
7th place: 3% of jackpot (~$900,000 win)
8th place: 2% of jackpot  (~$600,000 win)
9th place: 1% of jackpot (~$300,000 win)
10th place: 1% of jackpot (~$300,000 win)

The above payout example is based on a jackpot of $30,000,000 (which is about average on a non-rollover weekend draw.) I know many don't like the lottery because the chances are slim to win, as it is meant to be really, but this spreads the jackpot over a few extra people.

There is also a new [ prize breakdown ] link on the lottery page, which shows the payout over the top 10 places based on the current jackpot.

All 10 winners will get a notification when they win (it seems only the winner got the news notification before) and for this first draw, there will be no rollover.

Also remember whoever wins 1st place each week gets a collectible.

VIP Credits

For a more secure way to trade VIP, I have introduced VIP credits. VIP credits can be bought from the "equipment & extras" tab on the Buy VIP page. These can then be spent or traded on the market or through the secure trade feature. VIP tokens can be spent on both VIP and VIP+ and is accessible through the VIP section on the stats page.

I have also added coven and house VIP credits to the market.

I hope you enjoy the July 4th event. And hope you all indulge in an awesome special plasma pack.

Enjoy the event!


†Izabetta Freakshow† (200221) said...

Of course I buy 35 plasma for $50 only about 2 hours before this info is released. X.x My luck...

Anonymous said...

Haha Iza, that happened to me before the 7th birthday special. Ash basically said that the cut off line has to be somewhere. But because I bought it 24 hours before the special, he did give me a couple extras. Doesn't hurt to ask :)

Lucio Aestus said...

Really 10winners? That is too many.

Anonymous said...

I love how the one complaining about the lotto is an Aestus... yeah because you guys aren't rich enough right?

Good job Ash, I'm excited about the updates.

Darquesse said...

I love the new lottery update, who can moan at more chances to win, even if it's a smaller cut of the winnings.

Darquesse said...

I love the new lottery update, who can moan at more chances to win, even if it's a smaller cut of the winnings.

Anonymous said...

Adding VIP credits that can be traded in the marketplace is a wonderful thing for many players and the game overall ... great response to a long term need :-)

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