Tuesday 16 July 2013

Lots Of Little Things

Dark Tower Updates


It's getting hot in here...

A few changes and new additions to the Dark Tower have been added today.

  • 3 demon minions have now come out of hiding in the Dark Tower. They give less demon blood, but you can attack one every hour
  • You must now confirm an attack on a demon or his minion (don't worry, the links move so you won't accidentally go past them)
  • The last time you killed a demon or his minion, is displayed on the Dark Tower entry page (you must exit the DT to view it)
  • Dark Tower FAQ page updated here
  • More failed messages added 
  • Increased the chance of success when attacking the demon (it is based on your power)
  • Made a few layout adjustments

Little Things

  • Edited the failed market sale notification advising lower prices are better
  • VIP Credits have been added to the left sidebar
  • Help chat appears at the top of the chat list for players under 7 days
  • The 30 second blood letter wait now only applies to new blood letters, not replying to one
  • Plasma Paradise has been removed from Ghost Town
  • Fixed the leaving house [leave] link
  • Lottery breakdown page now shows your total amount of tickets with your % chance of winning a prize (this will work properly from next week as this week everyone got to keep their tickets)
  • The external linking system (out.php) has now been fixed to allow all links and given an updated look
  • Blood hour box appears on the bottom of the left sidebar when blood hour is active

20% Off Potion Credits

This week only get 20% off the top Potion Credits pack! This would be a good time for all you potion lovers get a good stockpile of credits. The pack that is 20% off is highlighted lime green on the Buy VIP page.

Enjoy the week,


Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to catch a demon in over a week:s

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have seen the voting reduced from 10 seconds to none at all, but 5 seconds max. This update could have been a lot better, maybe take polls on what people want to see done in what order ? Like fix bugs, add new content, update old content, ect.

DarkAsh said...

The voting is free rewards for a set task. The task has been set by me. There are reasons the way it is. But the great thing is, voting isn't compulsory. Thanks for the feedback, anonymous.

TheReaper said...

listened and removed the pointless plasma paradise.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to exploring Demon Tower changes :-) Personally I like the new voting system and you can manually refresh the page if you don't want to wait a "whole 10 seconds" ... less clicks for almost the same amount of turns ... That's a winner for me !!!

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