Tuesday 9 July 2013

Win A Free RoB Wristband

July 4th Event

I hope you all enjoyed all the July 4th events. BBQ and setting off fireworks everyday sure is enjoyable. Thank you to everyone who bought one (and more) of the special packs.

Wristband Giveaway

This is just two, I know. The 3 will be freshly packaged and unworn, don't fret

This month I am giving away 3 free Reign Of Blood branded wristbands! If you want to get your hands on a free wristband, fill out a short questionnaire, and the winners will be chosen at the random at the end of the month. (You can also get free QP too.)

Click here for more information and entry details.

June Competition Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered last months competition. Each entry got 1 plasma, and the top 6 below earned themselves 10 plasma each. Their stories may be used soon, so I won't post them yet :)

Tizzie™ Phuri Dae (127113)
_Freakazoid_ (289510)
Lydea Mey Keates (292043)
Sierra Rojo Tancette (390959)
Tancman (248616)
poisonhatemachine (152771)

Little Things

- Fixed the lottery log glitch. The lottery system gave out money to 10 vampires, just didn't log it. It should be fixed. Again this week we will have no rollover.
- Increased the 'add listing' market text boxes
- Fixed the bug that made house boards appear on both RP and non-RP board lists
- Fixed the coven search list glitches

Enjoy the week,


Lydea Mey said...

W00T!!! This is wicked awesome. Thank you Ash. ^^

poisonhatemachine said...

So that is why I got ten plasma! Haha. Good work everyone. :3

Anonymous said...

4th celebration was fab! the bbq was grrreat!! congrats to all you plasma winners :)

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