Monday 29 July 2013

New Coven Power Relic

I have worked hard this past week on some updates for your beloved covens!

Coven Pages

As you can see above, coven owners (and co-owners) can now create coven "pages" that are displayed across the top of the coven page. You can put whatever content you want into these pages, and you can have up to 4. Very nice, yes yes.

VIP Credit Donations

You can now donate  VIP credits to your coven, so now covens are able to give out VIP prizes to their members. VIP Credits can be used to increase your VIP, or to trade on the market with other players.

Top Covens Page

The Dead City Top Covens page has also been updated. It has been given a new look, and expanded the amount of covens shown in each category.

New "Coven Power Relic"

The glowing green power of the "Coven Power Relic"

I have been toying with the idea of some sort of power relic for a while now. And I think I've figured out a good way to introduce it. So here it, the new POWER RELIC for covens.

What Is A Power Relic?
A power relic is a powerful relic that is held at the Dead City. There is only one power relic, and only one coven can control and gain the benefits at a time.

What It Does
When a coven has control of the coven power relic, all its members gets +10% coven exp and blood on all their PvP battles.

How To Get It
This is where it gets fun. Once a coven acquires the power relic, it gets 12 hours protection and use of it before another coven can steal it. That's right, steal it. In order to create a fair system (explained below) there is a two-part process for a coven to steal the power relic from another coven.

The first part is guesswork. The coven owner (or co-owner) can go to the power relic page and attempt a guess of the first code (generated randomly when it was last stolen.) If the coven owner (or co-owner) gets it wrong, that's where it ends for that coven this try. They can attempt another theft in 24 hours. If the coven owner (or co-owner) gets the code correct, they unlock the second part.

The second part is a hidden on a coven member. When the previous theft happened, a random vampire in their coven was chosen to hold the second part of the code. Keep in mind within the 12 hour protection, the coven owner (or co-owner) can choose to re-allocate the code onto any vampire in their coven they choose. This can be done once. So now that there is a vampire in their coven with this code, you are able to attack that vampire to find out that final code. This part can be done by anybody in your coven. So any of your coven members can go through attacking all their coven vampires to find the code, and enter it themselves.

Keep in mind there will be several covens doing this at the same time as you, but whoever enters that code (it is the same for everyone) into the coven relic page first, gets control of the relic for the next 12 hours. (Expect their coven to try and keep that player protected as much as possible.)

Once a coven has successfully stolen possession of the relic, they get it for 12 hours and gain the benefits from it. Then after that 12 hour protection is over, all this starts again!

Where Is It?
The power relic page is located under the "coven & house" section of the Dead City. There you can see the relic and the coven that currently controls it. This page also handles the theft process. The Dead City "top covens" page also now displays the counts of the total thefts.

Why This System?
I've been working on this for about a week now, and it's changed from the original first draft. I didn't want to create a system that only the many and powerful can benefit. Any coven has an equal chance of getting their hands on it. Although (as always) does slightly favour the more active covens, as when it comes time to steal, the more online finding that hidden person the better.

Anything Else?
To stop coven owners sticking the relic code on their most powerful members and making the relic unable to be stolen by anybody else, you simply need to get a successful attack on that player. Also, to avoid people trying to cripple the system, if the relic holder gets kicked or quits the coven, it is automatically given to another member. If the coven gets disbanded, it comes back to mine and would be steal-able right away. Finally, when your coven has the relic, the +10% bonuses only apply to attacking rank 10+ due to rounding.

It's a lot to take in, but overall it's a pretty straight forward simple to understand system. Please post any questions, comments or bugs on this thread, and I'll do my best to answer.

I hope you enjoy these updates.

Good luck!


Lydea Mey said...

The Coven Pages update will most likely be my -best friend- Ash. For that alone, I thank you. lol It'll be interesting to see the chaos with the Power Relic. I almost want to find a perch and sit up high to watch the "show". lol Great work and loving the hard efforts to keep us knee deep in things to do.

Anonymous said...

We already have that option DarkAsh P.S I saw your houses and coven houses and Wheel Of Fortune not bad I have something to show you send me BL and I will show you something

Anonymous said...

this is crazy in a way because think about it like the fallen empire they control 3-4 coven what is to say they wont be given each other the codes when they find it so they can control the relic monopoly style?

Anonymous said...

It'll alternate between Buds and AoN.


DarkAsh said...

No it won't.

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