Monday 6 January 2014

Pawn Shop & VIP+ Updates

Dead City Pawn Shop

At some point or another (most probably not yet) you'll come into items that are not usable, or have no real value to yourself. Well lucky for you, Somter has opened up a Pawn Shop at the Dead City. He pays a fair price for pretty much anything, he's a bit of a hoarder, you see.

Little Things

  • Coven co-owners can now spend relics (owner option to disallow this)
  • New owner/co-owner option to view jailed members
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to have more silver fused dagger than daggers
  • WP Store added to the Dead City shop list
  • Karma is fixed and now open for use again

New VIP+ Features & Special

VIP+ gives you extra benefits over VIP. It hasn't been tweaked in a while, so I've decided to make a couple changes and run a little special for it (as people keep asking). As you know, the VIP MAX packs incude both VIP and VIP+ days. But some of the older players are loads of VIP, and want to just purchase VIP+. You can purchase VIP+ by itself (as long as you have the same or more VIP days) on the dedicated VIP+ page. You can find this page at any time using the [?] link next to VIP+ Days on the left sidebar.

There are now 3 VIP+ packs. 1 month, 6 month and 12 month packs. The price per day decreases the more you buy, the same as VIP.

Until Friday 10th January, get FREE plasma with each VIP+ purchase from one of the packs on this VIP+ page. The more you buy, the more plasma you get!

A few changes/tweaks to the VIP+ benefits:
  • Turn cap increased to 1200
  • Select equipment to sell at reselling store
  • Select items to sell at pawn shop
  • Reduced healing wait time to 20 seconds
  • Ability to  view quest page from any location

The complete VIP+ benefits are listed below and on the VIP+ page:

The Pawn shop is leading to an update that will be released this week...


Rav.en.ous said...

cool. thanks.

Anonymous said...


Darion Lancaster (203259) said...

1200 turns? Awesome. View quest page anywhere instead of constantly having to go to DC? Yes. One thousand times yes.

Shar MysticBlade said...

Thank You Ash

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ash!

Cecilia M. Dietrich said...

AWESOME updates! :D

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