Wednesday 15 January 2014

New Greenwood!

New Greenwood

Don't let the dodgy looking scenery distract from the money pile

It was just over 2 years ago when I launched Greenwood. Greenwood, a location you can travel to on the portal map, is primarily used to make some money. It was introduced as a way for new players to be able to spend some time making a bit of cash outside of all the other Reign Of Blood activities.

At the end of last year, I suggested that Greenwood would soon be getting an update. I'm happy to announce that it's now ready for you to enjoy.

Changes that have been made:
  • A whole new layout and new way to explore
  • New explore options, including walking forward, to the right, or the left
  • Over 300 brand new images taken by myself and edited by Azz
  • 25 items added solely for selling at the Dead City Pawn Store
  • The overall average payout increased by +45%
That's not all! To add to the mystery of Greenwood, there are 5 places (that appear randomly when searched) where there is hidden QP. These reset each day at midnight game time. The finders are listed on the Greenwood page.

Little Things

  • Dark Tower guide added (The whole feature is getting updated soon)
  • Mordant's Corner quest removed
  • Coven co-owners can now modify coven quests
  • Greenwood daily quest increased to $2,000
  • Fountain of Awe is now compatibility with the upgraded weapon level damage
  • You no longer lose life when using Awe's "Attack On the Dead"
  • Fixed a bug that made the coven clear chat option not appear

War Of Covens

Towards the end of the last year we got a good discussion going about the wars. Now dubbed, War Of Covens. I have created a new thread for all final thoughts before going ahead and working on it (as I said I would in the new year). If you're into the wars, please give it a read and let me know any feedback. Click here to view the thread.



Nikolas Vemeras-Hellsing (252462) said...

Haven't had a look yet but glad to see this! Always found Greenwood pretty tedious.

Rav.en.ous said...

wonderful . You been making changes the hole time i been here.
So far I like them .well the karma thing before sucked ,but you
updated/refermished it. LOL I like it as is now. thanks.

Anonymous said...

The hidden QP feature could do with an improvement. Resting it at midnight? Fair for those who are still awake then. What about those on the other side of the globe who won't be awake till hours later and those 5 sets of QP get searched and taken already?

Tartarus (264787) said...

How about adding one set every five hours starting at midnight, so the last wait time will be four hours. Another good re-vamp.

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