Thursday 5 December 2013

Some UG2 Tweaks

Underground Level 2 Tweaks

I'm so glad many of you love the new underground updates. Thanks for all the great feedback. After reading all the comments and suggestions that have been said from the people who've been playing down there, I'm happy to announce a further few updates.

  • Raid timers added - Instead of everyone becoming "raidable" at midnight, each coffin now has a 24 hour timer protection to help stop abuse
  • 5 new (silly) weapons added
  • Disband coffin ability
  • Failing raids description made more clear
  • Underground Level 2 link added to DC (to skip the turn step of level 1)
  • Game time added to both level 1 and level 2
  • Gem random daily quest changed
  • Fixed a whole lot of little bugs

More to come (including silver uses) very soon...

More New Quests

5 more rank 100 quests are now ready for your consumption:
  • Key Damage IV
  • Key Damage V
  • Silver Delight
  • Silver Delight II
  • The Ultimate Search

Little things

  • You can now give 1 karma every 5 hours (7 hours for non-vip)
  • Replaced the Realex logo with card payments logo on buy VIP basket page
  • Updated the description on the UG level 1 achievements

Thanks & enjoy!


Boudica Night Tigress said...

Thanks as always Ash for getting to the feedback/bugs sections and making the necessary adjustments! :) Looking forward to the new quests and whatever else might come in future. WooT!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new underground. But why is there a new karma system? It's really inconvenient!

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