Wednesday 18 December 2013

2013 Christmas Event

It's that magical time of year again. Hard to believe it's come around again so quickly. The Reign Of Blood 2013 Christmas event is now ACTIVE! You can enjoy this event until January 2nd 2014. That's over 2 weeks of Christmas bonuses and fun. (Also for those who missed it, the new throwing dagger system was released Friday, and updated Sunday, click here to read about it.)

Dead City Scratchcard

The scratchcard is back! After raving positive reviews of it last year, it's now back this year. Every vampire gets 10 free scratches a day for a chance to win some sweet prizes.

Christmas Tree

The Dead City Christmas Tree is standing tall wishing you a Merry Christmas. You can visit the tree each day for a free turn gift.

Candy Canes

The candy canes are back! You can find sugar when battling, searching Greenwood and completing 'The Daily' daily quest, which can be made into candy canes!

Dead City Snowman

After a few silly conversations about the pending Christmas event in our chat, a strange coincidence happened! A blood hungry snowman (that's right) has taken up a comfortable position at Dead City. He's holding onto a lot of sugar. Will you risk him taking your blood for a chance at a bunch of delicious sugar?

I have given everyone a free Candy Cane to start this event off!

VIP/Plasma Special

An event wouldn't be complete without some bargain VIP and Plasma deals. Head over to the Buy VIP/Plasma page for full information. (With further bonuses for multiple buys.)

Enjoy the event!


Karina Nex said...

Omg my bloody snowman idea!! O.O That is AWESOME! xDDD Totally going to kick snowy butt!

Anonymous said...

Silver and now Sugar ... so many goodies and lots of fun !!! Thanks for all your hard work Ash ... Great Stuff :-)

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