Sunday 15 December 2013

Throwing Equipment [Updated]

A couple days I released a new throwing dagger system. The system has had good feedback overall, with a few minor issues. I've gone through and re-written the blog as if it was being launched today. I also hope to clear up a few lingering questions about the feature too.

It's time for a cheap shot!

Throwing Equipment

A couple days ago, there was a new throwing equipment store that opened up at Dead City. When you reach rank 50, you can buy throwing daggers to throw at your opponents (if they're rank 50+) at a battle you initiate.

The damage of the daggers are low, but the reason for that is explained in 'Silver Fusing' below. The prices for daggers start at just $82 each.

You buy daggers at the throwing equipment store, and they now appear on your equipment page. You can either equip the use of daggers, or have them unequipped. When they are equipped, you throw one at the start of every battle you initiate. (If your defending an attack from someone, you don't throw a dagger.) It's a little bonus for being the attacking vampire. The dagger has a chance to poison your enemy (explained below) and once used, that dagger is discarded.

Silver Fusing

When you've purchased a dagger (or several thousand) you can head down to the Underground Level 2 (if you have access) and meet Bante, who has the skill of fusing your found silver into these daggers. The bonus you get for fusing silver into the daggers is displayed at the throwing equipment store itself. You can now choose how many daggers you'd like to fuse.


Silver isn't a vampire's best friend. So if you get attacked, and someone throws a silver fused dagger at you, there is a chance that it will poison you (ONLY if you lose the fight. You won't get poisoned if you win.) When you're poisoned, you cannot attack until the next top of hour when you're healed, or you consume the antidote.

The antidote is completely free. And available from the DC Potion Shop
or the VIP quick heal.

A few other small convenient changes have been, like the antidote link in news etc. I also remove the green poison notice on the left sidebar, you only know if you're poisoned when you go to the battle arena, or view your enemy list.

More Underground Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes let you get silver if you didn't have a coffin
  • Fixed a bug that didn't let you teleport with 10 turns exactly
  • Found the reason a couple of the quests were not listing as completed

Karma Changes

You can now give your full day's karma once every 24 hours. Use it wisely!

You can continue to give feedback or ask any questions on this dedicated thread.

Hope you enjoy these updates!


Anonymous said...

YAY for updates and new feature :-)

Anonymous said...

These are some neat changes, Ash! Is there no Christmas/Holiday events this year?

DarkAsh said...

of course there will :)

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